Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda

is the most isolated National Park, gazetted in 1962, and with 1442 km2 much smaller than Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kidepo Valley National Park hosts more than 77  mammal species.

Located in the northeast corner of Uganda, bordering South Sudan in the north and Kenya in the East, about 600 km from Kampala. The park ranges from 914 to 2750 meters above sea level. The national park contains 2 rivers, the Kidepo and Narus. Most game drives are taken place in the Narus Valley.

Landscape in Kidepo Valley National Park


Large open savannahs with mountains in the distance and some seasonal oases mark the main picture of the Kidepo Valley.

Two rivers, Kidepo and Narus, which disappear during the dry season completely, supply the area with some water.

During the dry season, the only water reservoirs are the wetlands and some pools which remain as the rest of the dried-out rivers.


Murchison Falls with a Rainbow
elephants at queen elizabeth national park uganda
elephants at queen elizabeth national park uganda

Animals you can find in Kidepo Valley National Park


Kidepo Valley hosts huge populations of Buffaloes, with herds in big numbers. The population of Buffaloes is estimated at 10.000 to 15.000. The numbers of Elephnats are also increasing significantly, as well as the Rothschild Giraffes.

In the open savannahs at the Narus Valley make the National Parks prime area for wildlife spotting. The dense population of Lions, Elephants and Buffaloes are the most interesting attractions for the tourists, visiting this area.

This valley has the densest population of wildlife. The Kidepo National Park is also a real paradise for Bird-watchers. More than 450 bird species can be found in this National Park. Like everywhere, where you can find wildlife, you can see the vultures too, patroling the sky looking for prey.


Best time to visit Kidepo Valley National Park


As in almost all national parks in Uganda, the best time to visit is June to August eventually even till December, but you need to take into account that it could rain from September on.

But still, with a good vehicle, it is possible to visit the Kidepo Valley National Park. The advantage of visiting the national park in the small rainy season is, that the temperatures are a bit lower, and it is less hot and more comfortable.


Kidepo Valley National Park Game Drives


Game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park are mostly taken place in the Narus Valley, starting from Apoka.


Opening hours and how to get there


Opening hours: daily 07:00 – 19:00
Entry fee: $40,- per person (non residents) plus 30.000 UGX per car.

Best time for game drives:

In the morning starting at 6:00 am (therefore you should stay at least one night in one of the lodges in the park) and in the afternoon from about 16:00.

For a more relaxed experience there are lodges within the National Park, where you can stay overnight.

Facts about Kidepo Valley National Park


  • gazetted in 1962
  • Ugandas most isolated National Park
  • profusion of wildlife and hosts more than 77 mammals
  • also paradise for bird-watchers