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Whether you wish to have a guided or self-drive safari – we are happy to help.

Uganda is big, very big actually, and if you want to explore the whole country, you would need months. But seeing the most beautiful places can be done in a shorter period.

To give you the opportunity to see everything you would like to see, without going on standard safari tours, we offer tailor-made safaris, just for you.

We will need some information about your plans and wishes, and based on that we can customize your Uganda experience.

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Uganda is very diverse and therefore it has lots of different things to offer. While wildlife, especially the gorillas, is one of the most popular topics when it comes to this African country, it is also known for its mountains, beautiful landscapes, and a paradise for bird-watchers.

Every visitor who visits Uganda has different interests and for those special interests, away from mass tourism, it can be very convenient to go for a customized trip.

We offer customized safaris on a self-drive base as well as fully guided. The choice is yours, even though we recommend booking a guided tour – you will experience more and most likely it will not cost you more than self-drive.

Exploring Uganda on your own (self-drive), with a rental car, gives you the opportunity to go on your own schedule and at your own speed. In general, it is the cheaper way to get around, but there is some risk of unplanned extra costs.

Going on a guided safari will cost you a little bit more, but you don’t need to drive by yourself. You will have much more time to see the landscape, you will get much more information about the places you visit and you won’t get lost.

In most cases, you will see more, since the guides know where to expect the animals you would like to see.

source of the nile Jinja
river nile at murchison falls
sunset on mt elgon
mount kadam east Uganda
kabwoya wildlife reserve
a buffalo at the murchison falls national park
Roan Antelope at Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve
grazing elephants
walking giraffe
Uganda kob impala antelope